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Rsf packaging provides customers with well designed custom boxes which may give your brand a recognition and exposure in the competitive market. You can full cusomization, Design & Order Custom Packaging in Minutes, Instant Quote!


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The white cardboard suits designs that utilize light or bright colors and full-color images. Select kraft if you want a rustic, natural-looking brown color to complement your design. This color works best on darker tones and palettes.

Our online design tool is simple to use and lets you create a custom box design. if you'd like to receive a dieline template based on your box specs, place your order first and we will create one for you.

An order of 1 sample with your custom design & size will be shipped within 3 business days

Our Customer Says

Custom Boxes: All That You need to Know

Custom printed boxes are costlier to make because they are more involved, but your consumers will notice the difference when you opt to ship in a distinctive, high-quality box embossed with magnificent, multi-color graphics. There are a few points to consider if you're still confused whether a custom box with high-end, multi-color printing is a better alternative than a basic, brown, corrugated cardboard box. Here's all you need to know about custom printed boxes in a nutshell to help you decide.

Why Do Companies Choose Custom Logo Boxes?

First and foremost, it's critical to comprehend why retailers prefer unique packaging and box styles with logos to basic, brown options. Apart from the obvious, these are some of the most common reasons why retailers choose to spend the extra money on custom retail packaging.

Brands may create customized packaging with custom packaging boxes. Because each product is unique, it's critical to build packaging that is tailored to each one. With the use of customizing tools, RSF Packaging can build business custom cardboard boxes as per their preferences and demands. You can also make unusual packaging by choosing your design and style. You can also customize the structure, size, and dimensions to meet your specific needs for shipping boxes.

RSF Packaging uses only the finest quality, ethically sourced materials, processed using state-of-the-art machinery to produce some of the sturdiest and long-lasting packaging for any fragile products. We design your boxes in an environmentally responsible manner, using recyclable paper. As a result, neither the environment nor our consumers are at risk. We provide you with the most cost-effective and affordable prices on the market.

Make your brand popular through our best quality customized boxes

Custom printed boxes are becoming popular, and their demand has increased. It is not difficult to find a printed box, but customized printed packages are not readily available. They are developed according to the specifications of the customer's requirement and customer’s satisfaction of the product.

Our packages are manufactured by focusing on the minutest details, packaging solutions and this makes them perfect. Each step of custom orders goes under process of scanning, assembling, printing, cutting, and lamination is strictly supervised, making our product's finishing smooth, sleek, and fit for the product. Highly competitive rates are offered besides our company, which ensures you will get the best quality products. Moreover, our design and shipping are free of cost.

Choose a pack from our extensive range of products, and if you do not find a sought-after product, then our expert designers will manufacture a box meeting your specifications. Get your wholesale custom printed boxes and our printing services with a logo designed by our experts at an affordable price.

Custom made boxes creating different marketing opportunities

In this competitive era of e commerce, custom-made boxes can make the brand stay in the clients' minds. These boxes will create different branding and marketing opportunities for the company everywhere.  boxes with logo will solidify the branding and present a professional and consistent image. You can also get mailer boxes of best quality. Custom product boxes are also trending these days so what are you waiting for? tell us and acknowledge us about your box styles.

These boxes will ensure that the product stays secure throughout the delivery process and reduce the forthcoming harm and other unnecessary obstacles, especially when a loony courier throws your product into the back of the van. A simple printed box makes an enormous first impression and packaging solutions so that the brand's name is printed into the client's mind for a longer time.


We take care of the requirements. Therefore, our brand is perceived as oh! This is nice to Wow! I got a lot more than I expected. If you are looking for a retail brand, the RSF will help add a little more life to the products and keep your product secure. So, it can reach the clients in the most acceptable way possible.

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